Lucy Mecklenburgh Weighs In As Woman Claims Mums Shouldn't Breastfeed In Public

New mum Lucy Mecklenburgh weighed in on an online debate around breastfeeding, after one woman insisted it wasn’t appropriate for women to do so in public.

The former TOWIE star, who welcomed her son Roman back in March, couldn’t help but speak out when she saw the response to an ITV clip of Stacey Solomon on Loose Women, insisting mums shouldn’t be judged for breast pumping for their kids in public.

The wider conversation then turned to whether mums could breastfeed in public, too – and Lucy was one of many new mums who was rather taken aback by some of the views being expressed.

Check out the clip for yourself:

After one woman insisted she didn’t want to see mothers with their breasts out while she was eating, Lucy had her say in the comments.

“They do need feeding, but not when I’m eating!,” the woman wrote alongside a laughing emoji.

To which Lucy replied: “Wow!! So u can eat in a restaurant but a hungry baby can’t!?”

Lucy Mecklenburgh Weighs In As Woman Claims Mums Shouldn't Breastfeed In Public
Lucy Mecklenburgh is a new mum (Credit: Instagram/ Lucy Mecklenburgh)

She then went on to make a poll on her Twitter feed, asking: “Would you feel uncomfortable if a woman breast fed in a restaurant near u?”

At the time of writing, a whopping 94.8 per cent of Twitter users responded “no, of course not,” while 5.2 per cent replied: “Yes, I’d rather not see”.

In the ITV clip, Stacey took a similar stance to Lucy, arguing: “Some people pump to have a night off, and a break, which I think is well blooming deserved, but some people have to pump. There’s so many reasons why.

“To sit there and judge these women who can be going through hell and back just to feed their baby… I just think is cruel.”

Agreeing with the pair, one of Lucy’s followers wrote: “Makes me so mad. It’s ok to sexualise breasts in newspapers but not ok for them to be used for their actual purpose!!!”

While another wrote: “I can remember been told to go in the toilet to breastfeed my baby, I said to the person to go and eat your food in the toilet.

“Breast fed babies are usually fed on demand regardless of where you are. Lucy feed your baby and ignore idiots”

A third chipped in: “Why do you think us woman have breasts ? Seriously people need to have common sense. no doubt we’ve all been fed with breast so why deny it (sic)”.

Amen to that.