You Can Now Get A Disney Version Of Cards Against Humanity

Grown up Disney fans, we have just the party game for you.

Cards Against Disney is here and while it’s probably not one for the younger fans in your life (on account of some of the NSFW cards) it’s sure to provide all the laughs for the adult pre-drinks.

As in the original game, each player will need to be dealt 10 of the white ‘answer cards’ each.

You Can Now Get A Disney Version Of Cards Against Humanity
Much like the original game, there's question and answer cards (Credit: Amazon)

They’ll then take it in turns to select a red ‘question card’ which needs to be read out loud by whoever picks it up.

Each player then looks through all of their white answer cards and chooses the funniest, most bizarre answer to the question on the red card – except this time they’re all to do with the magical world of Disney and Pixar.

For example, the red cards feature statements such as ‘Our perfect family evening was ruined by____’ and the answer cards feature statements like ‘”accidentally” luring your nephew in the gorge before causing a stampede’ – a reference to The Lion King, of course.

You Can Now Get A Disney Version Of Cards Against Humanity
The game references dozens of classic Disney movies (Credit: Amazon)

In total there are 800 cards (25 per cent red question cards and 75 per cent white answer cards) so there’s enough to play countless games.

The makers warn: “The game is intended exclusively for adult players (17+). So trust me, you don’t want to take it with you to family gatherings!

“Filled with hilarious tasteless Disney references, for Disney fans and even non Disney fans. Evil sense of humour not necessary but advantageous!”

They add that it is a “perfect for terrible people with despicable humours” and the game has “great repeatability value”.

You Can Now Get A Disney Version Of Cards Against Humanity
There are 800 cards in total for countless games (Credit: Amazon)

The product is priced at £42 with free delivery and its available on Amazon now.

If you were on the fence still, then maybe the reviews will swing it for you.

Currently, the game is sitting at a very decent 4 out of 5 star ratings and some happy customers have been leaving glowing feedback.

“Provided hours of enjoyment with friends and family,” one wrote. “Couple of our favourite characters we will never be able to watch again but a great laugh with multiple scenarios to be burned into your brain. Definitely worth the money.”

Another said: “Brought this card set for my family, we all loved it! We’re all big Disney fans, and was surprised by the amount of detail and old references were included! It was prefect for brain fog as there wasn’t as much big words in there than the normal game!”

Full disclosure, there were a couple of minor complaints about the quality of the game’s cardboard box, but if you can look past that, it sounds like a classic to keep on the games shelf for years.