Marcel Somerville Announces He's Going To Be A Dad

Love Island star Marcel Somerville has revealed he’s going to be a dad.

Marcel, 34, revealed he and his girlfriend Rebecca Vieira are expecting their first baby together, after they sadly suffered a miscarriage last year.

Speaking to OK!, Marcel said: “I was in the studio with my headphones on and she tapped me on the shoulder.

“She had loads of pregnancy tests in her hand, just to make doubly sure. It was crazy! It’s my first baby and I’ve been waiting a long time for this, so it’s just mad.”

The couple explained they had been “trying for months” after tragically suffering a miscarriage last year.

“We both took it really badly. It took a little while for us to get over it, but it did make us stronger because when you go through something like that, it makes you be there for the other person,” added Marcel.

The loved-up pair went on to explain they haven’t yet found out if they’re expecting a boy or a girl, but they’ll be able to soon, should they decide to.

And although the last few weeks have been mega exciting for the parents-to-be, they’ve also been terrifying.

Just a few weeks ago, Marcel nearly died after he was rushed to hospital following violent vomiting and a fever.

At the time he posted on Instagram to followers: “This is just a message to everyone that has been sending all their prayers and blessings. They don’t go missed, I really appreciate them, I really need them right now.

Marcel Somerville Announces He's Going To Be A Dad
Marcel explained he nearly died a few weeks ago (Credit: Marcel Somerville/Instagram)

“It’s been a very, very hard few days for me. Saturday was literally the worst day of my life and I nearly died but, yeah, just keep sending them my way because I really need them.”

It turns out Marcel had been diagnosed with Diabetic Ketoacidosis [DKA].

The condition is a complication of Type 1 diabetes (which Marcel had no idea he had), which sees acidic ketones build up in his body. He said thanks to the NHS, and specifically a nurse named Anne, he survived.

Now the former Blazin’ Squad star is on the mend, he also explained he “has plans” to propose to girlfriend Rebecca at some point in the future, adding there “will definitely be wedding bells”.

Sounds like a very exciting time, we’re so pleased for these two!