'Friends' Star Finally Settles The 'We Were On A Break' Debate Once And For All

David Schwimmer has weighed in on the age-old debate of whether Ross and Rachel were on a break in Friends – and his opinion is sure to rile some.

Fans of the hit sitcom will remember Rachel Green and Ross Geller’s huge fight at the end of series three when the Bloomingdales personal shopper had become sick of her boyfriend’s jealousy over her co-worker Mark.

In the heat of the row, Rachel suggests they take a break from the relationship. Ross, taking this to mean they’re over, ends up in a club drinking and eventually winds up in bed with ‘copy girl’ Chloe.

'Friends' Star Finally Settles The 'We Were On A Break' Debate Once And For All
Rachel and Ross's row at the end of season 3 was explosive (Credit: Warner Bros)

Ross’s affair begins the big ‘We Were On A Break’ era which spans many series to follow.

The debate of whether Ross and Rachel actually *were* on a break (loosely translated to: whether Ross was in the wrong for sleeping with Chloe) has laid ground for heated debates ever since.

Now, David Schwimmer has had his say.

Speaking via video link with host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, the 53-year-old actor was firmly backing Ross over Rachel, who was played by Jennifer Anniston, 51.

“Yeah, it is not even a question. They were on a break,” he said.

Say it how it is, David!

'Friends' Star Finally Settles The 'We Were On A Break' Debate Once And For All
The 'We Were On A Break' era spanned many series (Credit: Warner Bros)

“People are so passionately divided on whether or not [Ross and Rachel] were ‘on a break,'” he added.

When asked which line from the sitcom people “yell at him” the most, David confirmed that ‘We were on a break’ is a fan favourite, adding: “Obviously, there’s gonna be those people who feel compelled to yell ‘Pivot!'”

I mean, we shout ‘Pivot’ every time we’re helping someone carry something, let alone if we actually saw Ross in the street!

David also cleared up some details about the upcoming Friends reunion special, which some excitedly thought might be a new episode when the news was first announced in February.

“[The reunion special] is unscripted,” said David. “It’s basically a really fun interview and then some other surprise bits.”

Oooh! We wonder what’s in store?

David also revealed that shooting for the HBO special is “supposed to happen maybe in August, the middle of August.”

He continued: “But honestly we’re gonna wait and see another week or two if we all determine it’s really safe enough to do,” adding: “And if not, we will wait to do it when it’s safe.”

We’re prepared to wait for this.

P.S if there isn’t a cameo from Janice (Maggie Wheeler) and Gunther (James Michael Tyler), we’ll be having words, HBO!